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A Negligent Gardener? That’s OK!

DAZZLEBERRY22_WEB copyWhen people ask us for a low-maintenance landscape and if they have sunny exposures, you can bet we are going to include some sedum.  You can get away with a looooot of neglect when it comes to sedum…these perennial plants actually prefer you leave them alone!  Water them 1-2 times a week for the first couple weeks after planting, and then turn them loose.

So you can imagine how happy we are that some really, really nice new sedums are hitting the market…this picture is of Dazzleberry Sedum from the Sunsparkler series.  Gorgeous, no?  Even better in person, as are Cherry Tart, Lime Zinger, and Thundercloud.  Give ’em a try!

Oxymoron: New Vintage Paver

One of our suppliers has come out with a new paver meant to look old.  I know, I know, but it’s not a cobblestone-street/ tumbled brick look.  While definitely cool, that’s been done.  THIS new paver is meant to mimic the look of weathered barn wood…how great is that?   We are all finding ways to incorporate this new paver in our designs.  Take a look!


Barn plank 2 pgr LR

Please Pass the Popcorn– VIDEO!

We truly have the best customers. These great homeowners not only asked us to landscape their backyard, they also made a video of the project from start to finish. A terrific idea and something we have not yet done. I’d like to think it’s because we’re too busy landscaping?

Anyway, click the link and enjoy this overhaul!

Microsoft Word - garrity_screenshot

new back yard

On the Rebound

wnnatl_after_060909 017_adIsn’t it nice that September and October cooperated and were so mild?   Isn’t it nice that plants know how to push the re-set button and recover from pest damage?  These two facts have allowed the shrub roses to rebound after being chowed on–and then chowed on some more–by Japanese Beetles earlier this summer.

The scent of roses caught me off guard last night, and I had to stop, and yep, smell them.  So nice to see them get a chance to show off before winter.