Raingardens aren’t the whole picture, but they are a great piece of the clean-water puzzle.

Have you noticed when it rains, a lot of that water runs right off our properties and parking lots and directly into the sewers?  The sewers, in turn, empty right into our water sources–lakes, rivers–full of pollutants the water collected along the way.

Raingardens are a terrific way to combat this problem. A raingarden takes a soggy or run-off prone area and turns it into a gorgeous little sponge.  As it has been said, “the magic is in the roots.”  The raingarden plants have extensive root systems, thus channeling rainwater into the ground to lessen run-off and filter out pollutants.  It’s a neat little way to help!

For more in-depth information, visit the Blue Thumb organization at www.bluethumb.org.  We have installed many raingardens to-date, and are still bowled over by their effectiveness.

Winona Nursery Rain Gardens

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